Daily Reflections – DAY TWENTY FOUR

Each weekday, Father James Lyons (Wellington) will be helping us reflect on God’s Word while we are in lockdown. What is God saying to us as we globally unite to defeat Covid-19?   GRATEFULNESS SETTING: a symbol of thanksgiving Prayer: Thank you! Two little words, often left unspoken but important and necessary even in difficult times like right now. O God, so rich in compassion and mercy, and greatly in love with your creation, to thank you should be easy and spontaneous. But with the world turned upside down, populations in lockdown and businesses in shutdown, what’s to be thankful for? Open my eyes to see your hand at work even while uncertainty fills us with worry. Reveal a little more the mystery of your love. Lead me to the gifts at present wrapped in darkness. Help me to say what I so much want to say: Thank you! SCRIPTURE – JOHN 21 – Post Resurrection The disciples are dispirited following the death of Jesus. They know they have let him down; they are grieving his loss, and they themselves feel very lost. Peter decides to go back to what he knows best – fishing. Some of the others join him.