Wednesday 18 May

From Marist Messenger 18 May Acts 15:1-6; Psalm 122; John 15:1-8 Staying attached Reflecting on the Word prunes me in a spiritual sense. This gets me ready for acts of love. When I find myself wanting to prune another person’s life, perhaps someone I love dearly, I need to remember that God is the vinedresser, not me. Staying attached to the Jesus vine and the vinedresser often hurts. There are always more pleasant things to do, easier ways to ‘be me.’ Staying attached bears fruit in my relationships with others and with God. Help me with this attachment Lord. Marist Messenger – A Catholic Monthly Magazine

Tuesday 17 May

From Marist Messenger 17 May Acts 14:19-28; Psalm 145; John 14:27-31 Gift of peace To find peace of mind and body I must look in the right place. The peace Jesus Christ speaks of belongs to his personhood. It is not some abstract concept on paper. His peace allows him to live in a non-peaceful world and be at peace with himself and his Father. To receive this inner peace from him I must move closer to him and be glad to do so. Can I do this in our non-peaceful times? Marist Messenger – A Catholic Monthly Magazine

Monday 16 May

From Marist Messenger 16 May Acts 14:5-18; Psalm 115; John 14:21-26 Remember awhile Remembering that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and a member of the Trinity can so easily be forgotten in a busy Christian life today. But Jesus Christ does not forget. He reminds me today of the importance of his Trinitarian life. As I get closer to Jesus Christ through reflecting on his Word, I begin to realise that Jesus Christ, who is God made man, has deeper and deeper messages for me which always challenge me. Help me Jesus, to remember your fullness of love and life. Marist Messenger – A Catholic Monthly Magazine

Sunday 15 May

From Marist Messenger 15 May Fifth Week Easter Acts 14:21-27; Psalm 145; Apocalypse 21:1-5; John 13:31-35 Lay vocation Living out love in all its manifestations brings unity and peace to families, parishes and the wider Church. Such love in our lives glorifies God. This glorifying love is noticeable to those outside the Church. It is noticed in everyday life, perhaps more so than in the formal times we associate with community worship. Keeping the commandment of love is hard. What is my love doing at the moment, is it glorifying God? Marist Messenger – A Catholic Monthly Magazine

Saturday 14 May

From Marist Messenger 14 May St. Matthias, Apostle Acts 1:15-17, 20-26; Psalm 113; John 15:9-17 Call to love Being chosen as an apostle is a life-altering vocation. Such a call means a person must remain in Jesus Christ’s love. The betrayer was not able to do this. Loving one another as Jesus Christ commands us to do is easy and joyful if I remain in Jesus Christ’s love. Jesus wants me for a friend. Friends somewhat know each other’s business. All vocational life has within it the inherent call to loving friendship with Jesus Christ. Whatever my vocation may be, my growth in love will determine how well I live it out. Marist Messenger – A Catholic Monthly Magazine

Friday 13 May

From Marist Messenger 13 May Acts 13:26-33; Psalm 2; John 14:1-6 Sticking with Jesus Jesus says he is going back to his Father. The Christian practice of going through Jesus to the Father does not make for an easy Catholic life. Often we must make hard choices daily to stay with Jesus as he moves towards his hardest choice, that of living and loving through Calvary. Hard choices embrace the truth about life, easy ones seem not to do this. Praying and pondering the hard bits of Jesus Christ’s life is a way to stick with Jesus through thin and thick. Lord help me to make the hard choices in my life? Marist Messenger – A Catholic Monthly Magazine

Thursday 12 May

From Marist Messenger 12 May Acts 13:13-25; Psalm 89; John 13:16-20 Humble service Being a humble servant of others means being a humble servant of Jesus Christ who is the master missionary. Humility in missionary service brings the gospel to life in society. Pride has no place in service. It betrays Jesus Christ in the smallest and most numerous of ways. It can rob our service of the presence of the Word. Jesus Christ chooses the humble ones for his mission, these little ones do not rebel proudly against him. Marist Messenger – A Catholic Monthly Magazine