Nuns in Iraq stay strong amidst the horrors of war

An order of Dominican nuns in Iraq, committed to living and preaching the Gospel amidst the horrors of war, are determined to stay. “We will not leave our people. Wherever they go, we will go,” says Sister Huda who is 66 years-old. She, along with other remaining sisters, is serving 200 children, most of whom are from Mosel. Bible Translation Work The Dominican Nuns also partner with Bible Society Iraq to facilitate Bible Translation work. Bible Society Iraq CEO Nabil Omeish explained the two groups have been working together for 30 years on the Bahdini (Kurdish language) New Testament Bible translation and are also working on the Old Testament. Sister Huda recalled the sufferings they have experienced, and the hope and faith that sustained them.

Breaking down the Old Testament

For Jesus himself the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) was his Bible. In the New Testament he quotes from the Book of Deuteronomy which concludes the Pentateuch, the most important section of the Bible for Jewish people.  Then he speaks the words of the prophet Isaiah, such a significant figure among the prophets of Israel.  And finally he draws on the Psalms at the heart of Wisdom literature.  The three sections of Pentateuch, Prophets, and Wisdom literature make up a large and important part of the Bible. When St. Jerome said that “ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ,” he meant both parts of the Bible which is a huge library of books.  You know there are different types of books in a library, all with their own ways of being written.  You may also be aware that different cultures have their own stories of how the world came to be, how humans came into existence, and often stories were told about why things are as they are.