Small group Bible studies

For the early church, the reading of the Bible was entirely a communal experience. The goal was always community transformation: to become more like Christ – together!

That’s why digging into the Bible together with your friends is a great way to discover not only what God might be saying to you, but also to your community.

Bible Society has developed a comprehensive Bible study resource for small groups called LYFE. LYFE will help individuals and small groups discover a deeper life with God. Based around six key spiritual formation themes including prayer, social justice and the Bible, the sessions are easy to lead and highly relational. LYFE is suitable for Christians at any point on their faith journey.

LYFE is designed to be flexible – groups can choose a six week taster track, a three month track or the full 36 week track. Each session includes a different video interview and invites reflection on a passage from the Bible, plus the opportunity to experience a spiritual practice.

And best of all – it’s completely FREE! To register for LYFE, visit