Holy Spirit Acting as an “Antivirus”

Did you know that the power of the Holy Spirit works better than any disinfectant?

Lately, we all have had the experience of regularly disinfecting our hands. But even if doing so is reasonable and necessary, no disinfectant can give you the comfort and sense of security that the Holy Spirit brings. I, too, have experienced that because of his work, I managed to overcome many fears regarding the uncertain future and found the strength for new creativity.

Thus, in April, the idea was born to record some video testimonials for young people in Slovenia. I also invited student Nejc to participate, to whom the Word of God is a daily companion and comfort. We met two years ago in a group of students where every week we read the Bible together. Nejc got married last summer and parted from this group, as he now attends a group for married couples. When we met on a spiritual retreat early in March, he told me that during Lent he reads the Bible every day for 20 minutes and then meditates on the passage he read. I was really happy that he had become so familiar with God’s Word and thanked God for him being faithful to his decision to read the Bible regularly.

In early April, when I was wondering how to respond to the new circumstances we found ourselves in due to the coronavirus, I have taken the decision to go for video testimonials. I also invited Nejc to participate. He accepted the challenge and shared his experience of how the parable of the mustard seed helped him find strength and make one of the most important decisions of his life.

I invite you to watch his testimony below (be sure to turn on the English subtitles).

By Metka Kos
Everyday Bible Mission – Activating Bible engagement in the Catholic Church

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