Easter’s Seriously Surprising Story

More than 65,000 Kiwi kids and their families were reached with a seriously surprising Easter story

Bible Society’s colourful little booklet, The Seriously Surprising Story has been positively received by tens of thousands of Kiwi families this Easter through churches, in Salvation Army Family Stores and schools.

“I know our students will enjoy reading The Seriously Surprising Story books that were received last week,”  said one Catholic School Principal.

Bible Society published The Seriously Surprising Story to reach the many Kiwi kids who do not know about Jesus or know the real meaning of Easter.

The booklet encourages children to engage with the biblical story of Easter as they read about the journey of Jesus’ followers from Jerusalem to Emmaus. On the road, Jesus’ followers meet a stranger and tell him about some of the amazing the miracles Jesus performed. The children will be surprised to learn that Jesus himself is the stranger!

Bible Society New Zealand would not have been able to bring The Seriously Surprising Story to Kiwi kids this Easter without the generosity of its supporters and donations.

You can still order copies of The Seriously Surprising Story on Bible Society’s website.

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