A verse that impacted my life – Cardinal John Dew

“Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life.” John 6:68 Is there a particular Bible verse that has had a huge impact on your life? For Bible Society President, Cardinal John Dew, it was something Jesus said to Peter in John 6 that had a profound impact on him. Watch the video to hear Cardinal Dew talking about the impact of this passage and the Scriptures have had on his life.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

The Old Testament book of Nehemiah is a fascinating insight into what happens to God’s people just before Jesus is born. After being exiled to Babylon, they are allowed to return to Judah and Jerusalem some decades later. They rebuild the Temple and then Nehemiah leads the people in the rebuilding of the city walls. It’s a great story of how a community bands together and achieves something everyone thought impossible. Our guest writer today, Barry Kirby from Wellington explains… Nehemiah is our man of focus today. When the book opens, Nehemiah is serving under the Persian King. He is a cupbearer to the King. This allows his access to, at the time, one of the most powerful men in the world. Things are going well for him until one day he gets a knock on his door. It’s one of his brothers who has made a 1287km trip to see him from Jerusalem. That’s from Cape Reinga to Christchurch or Sydney to Adelaide. Nehemiah asked, “How is our city? How is God’s city?” See this was a Holy place for the People of God. The precious Persian King had let the people go back to their home land. This was 100 years ago.

Words, and hearing the voice of God

By Cartia Moore Words have so much power. One line from Star Wars can change the whole face of the storyline “Luke, I am your father” – Darth Vader. What an absolute shocker that was. I am always astounded by the power of the voice and of words. Proverbs chapter 15 verse four says: ‘Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.’ There is power in words themselves, but there is also power in the way that it is said. There is a song by Hawk Nelson that says, ‘Words can build you up, words can break you down, start a fire in your heart or put it out.’ The undeniable truth is that words are powerful. The swift gentle response to an angry heart. The fired up and demanding roar of a justice-lead politician. The determined and enthusiastic words from a passion-driven person. It is incredible the effect they can have on a person.