Friday 14 August

From Marist Messenger St Maximillian Kolbe (M) Ezekiel 16:1-15,60-63; Canticle Isaiah 12:1-6; Matthew 19:3-12 Faithful In the alternative household of God, the vocation of marriage and the vocation of celibacy, if faithfully lived out, are expressions of the reign of God. In Auschwitz, when Franciszek Gajowniczek was among those randomly selected to die, he pleaded to be spared because of his wife and children. Franciscan priest, Maximillian Kolbe volunteered his life, “I want to go instead … he has a wife and family. I am alone. I am a Catholic priest”. Reflect and pray today to be faithful to my vocation in life – single, married, priest or religious. Leave a Response

Thursday 13 August

From Marist Messenger Ezekiel 12:1-12; Psalm 78; Matthew 18:21-19:1 From your heart In this parable of unbounded forgiveness, in a surprising way, we experience God’s mercy which can change us. Forgiveness, which is not easy, is presented in stark form. A slave owes his master an unimaginable amount of money. The master sees his need, has a heart “moved with compassion” and wipes the debt (cf. Mt 14:13-21 above). This forgiven one does not behave accordingly with a fellow slave. I have been forgiven by God yet to forgive “from your heart” can take a long process of prayer and discernment. Am I willing to begin this journey? Leave a Response

Wednesday 12 August

From Marist Messenger Ezekiel 9:1-7,10:18-22; Psalm 113; Matthew 18:15-20 Listening Disciples are not perfect. Conflict is inevitable. How the local church deals with conflict is crucial. Jesus sets out a process of communal reproof and restoration. Step One is initiated privately by the wronged person. In Step Two, if the wronged one is not listened to, another visit is required with two or three witnesses. The emphasis is on listening. In Step Three, if the member has not listened, tell the church community. It is about not giving up! And as the people of God we can take up our responsibility to keep our church safe from all the dangers that may afflict and damage it. Leave a Response

Tuesday 11 August

From Marist Messenger St Clare (M) Ezekiel 2:8-3:4; Psalm 119;:9-16;Matthew 18:1-5,10-14 Embody God’s love In Matthew 18, Jesus talks about the church as an alternative community. They are to sustain each other and to “change and become like children”. This image is a paradox of greatness in the demanding against-the-grain alternative life of the cross. Children had no status. This is the conversion of the church into “the little ones” where rank and status disappear. Disciples are not to cause one another to stumble. We are to be active in caring for each other as God does in the parable of sheep that goes astray. We are to embody the love of God. Leave a Response

Monday 10 August

From Marist Messenger St Lawrence (F) 2 Corinthians 9:6-10; Psalm 111; John: 12:24-26 Bear much fruit Imagine a grain of wheat falling into the darkness of earth. This is simultaneously a sowing and a falling and a dying. In the womb of earth, new life emerges. Jesus, “a grain of wheat” enters into the evolutionary process of becoming in which death is an integral part. He invites disciples to follow his example. We are invited into a process of transformation: the grain dies that it may bear much fruit. How does this down-to-earth image bring awareness of the Earth and of the mystery of my relationship with Jesus? Leave a Response

Sunday 9 August

From Marist Messenger 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time 1 Kings 19:9, 11-13; Psalm 85; Romans 9:1-5; Matthew 14:22-33 Walking on the sea Biblical traditions record that “walking on the sea” is something God does – God prevails over creation. By “walking on the sea”, Jesus does what God does. He shows God’s presence and basileia (reign) prevailing over all opposing forces. Peter recognises Jesus who invites: “Come”. He climbs out of the boat to walk on the water towards Jesus. All is well until he takes his eyes off Jesus and begins to sink. Jesus extends his hand to Peter. Do I keep my eyes on Jesus? When I am sinking, am I aware of Jesus, there extending his hand to me? Tagged as: Sunday Leave a Response

Saturday 8 August

From Marist Messenger 8 August St. Mary of the Cross McKillop (F) Colossians 3:12-17 or Judith 8:11-17, 28-31; Psalm 32; Matthew 6:25-34 Trust in God Through imaginative appeal and poetic exaggeration, Matthew invites us to look at our attitude to God. It is not being passive or imprudent – we need to work. “Worry” is there five times amidst images of God’s providing for creation. Mary McKillop trusted in Divine Providence. Her Sisters carried out their ministry to the poor trusting that God would send the help they needed. This led to risk-taking so that the needs of the poor were met. How can trust in God enable me to live whanaungatanga/making right relationship happen with God, Earth and people? Marist Messenger – A Catholic Monthly Magazine